"Fundraising strategy for the development of the NGO "Youth Space"

With the help of the training "Fundraising strategy for the development of the NGO "Space of Youth", the members of the NGO acquired practical skills that are necessary in the daily public life of members of the public organization: to attract resources for the implementation of projects, the ability to find the necessary funds, to arouse interest in their project, to present it, to clearly formulate it application, develop a program of engagement activities for additional resources for the implementation of programs,36913380_1876246089349315_7325129172152483840_nprojects.

The training took place over three days, which made it possible to intersperse each lecture with a practical task.

The participants of the training worked out the step-by-step steps of forming a public organization's own fundraising strategy, namely: concepts and principles of fundraising, fundraising mechanisms, appeals to businesses, attraction of budget funds, appeals to individuals, development and implementation of fundraising campaigns.