"There were stories when people cried, and I was with them..."

It is impossible to stand aside when the best moments of life are taken away from you. When you are young and just live and act. Young activists of Ukraine are imbued with the same ideas, whose cities have become a place where those who temporarily left their homes fled before the eyes of the world.

Andriana Ivanyshyn - coordinator of the Youth Center for IDPs, speaking about the Youth Center in the city of Lviv, notes the following: "We have our name "Young Dovzhenko" (#youngdovzhenko), because we are located and cooperate on the basis of the Dovzhenko Center in Sikhiv."

For us, work with IDPs is complex. We started it immediately after the start of the war - we cooperated and understood that we had to help.

First, they made a "self-made" volunteer headquarters, wrote appeals on social networks. At first, we didn't know what we wanted and what we could do, but a complete list of tasks was formed on the second or third day. Even international companies that helped with medicine responded! Partners who added products were also involved. And infinitely cool – the local population who brought things.

We had a residence center for IDPs who lived with us. Now they have moved to modular towns, because now there is such an opportunity. This gives them more comfort.

We carry out educational and scientific activities:

  • Lectures;
  • Meetings;
  • Psychological support;
  • Trainings on working through emotions, psychological injuries;
  • We have already had training on creative burnout, on non-discriminatory rhetoric;
  • We also focused on language. Talked to the participants as "OK" and as "Not OK";
  • We want individuals from IDPs to talk about their successful cases.

A lecture on the modern orchestra is planned for the end of July. How can he not be an academic who receives funding from the Ministry and sits with a violin waiting for something to start. And the one that is effective. Since now the musicians from Kharkiv are on a charity tour, shall we wait for their return and start implementing plans for him.

Personal motivation... There were stories when people cried and I along with them. It seems to me that this is super important, because the war takes away our best years, and we should not put life "on pause", as the opponents want. We must not give up, we must live at least online. It is necessary to carry out active activities for a successful life in the future, to earn money, to realize one's goals and ambitions.

We have a Telegram channel (#youngdovzhenko), which we invite you to join. From it you can get information about how to join us. There are social networks. We will have cooperation with youth centers, as they are already operating, so you can learn from there - there will be a lot of things about us.

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