Study trip of Kyiv Dialogue 2019 to Germany

Kyiv Dialogue invites seminar participants of our network to take part in the selection for a 6-day study trip to Germany on the topic of urban development and public participation based on the example of the cities of Dresden and Görlitz.


What are the successful strategies for solving social, economic and environmental problems in German cities and how have public initiatives contributed to this? Which of these stories could happen in Ukraine? Thanks to the experience of German public figures, representatives of the city administration and local politics, you will receive inspiration and motivation for the development of local democracy and your own innovative project in your city!

We invite you to travel to Saxony with us!

To participate, you need:

- fill out the application form (please note that you must add a resume as an attachment file) by July 24 ;

- have experience in implementing own initiatives in one of the areas: youth policy in the community, Smart City and transparent budgets, public participation tools, development of urban spaces;

- to be present and take an active part in all seminars of the Kyiv Dialogue in the spring-summer of 2019 in your region (this is a mandatory requirement that directly affects the selection results);

– have a biometric international passport that will be valid for another 3 months after the date of departure from Germany (that is, at least until 27.12.2019);

– knowledge of German/English languages is an advantage;

- age 18+.

Selection of participants

After processing applications, we will invite pre-selected candidates for a Skype interview with the project manager in Berlin in July/August (in English/German and/or Ukrainian). Final results will be notified to applicants no later than 25.08.2019.

Travel expenses, accommodation (in double or multi-bed rooms) and meals are covered by the organizers. Insurance must be arranged independently.

German-Ukrainian translation of the events provided for in the program will be provided.

Previous program

21.09. – Meeting in the evening in Lviv, travel to Germany by night train through Poland.

22.09. – Arrival in Görlitz, visit to the historic old town.

23.09. – Meeting with representatives of the city administration and local politics in Gyorlica.

24.09. – Visiting youth centers and third places in Görlitz, trip to Dresden.

25.09. - Round table with representatives of the city government, the "Right to the City" movement, the "Cultural Capital of Europe" initiative, free time.

26.09. – Visiting open workshops for citizens and the restored city library of Dresden, viewing famous monuments.

27.09. – Train trip to Berlin and return flight from Tegel Airport (TXL) to Kyiv (arrival at 18:00).

Alternative: self-organized stay and accommodation in Berlin at your own expense (!!), return flight on September 29. Berlin-Kyiv.

Dresden is known throughout the world as the baroque capital of Saxony, located on the picturesque banks of the Elbe River. In recent years, the townspeople have experienced strong political polarization, which is why the situation in the city remains tense. During the study trip, you will be able to find out what initiatives have been developed for future development, despite the social tension, and what voice the citizens of Dresden have when developing their city's strategy.

Görlitz-Zgożelec is a German-Polish border town, which is officially called a "European town". However, after German reunification, it continues to face problems related to population outflow and the lack of a positive shared vision. In the last few years, the situation began to slowly change after the local youth created a youth center on their own in the premises of the old factory.
In case of questions, please write to us at the e-mail box: with the subject of the letter "Questions_Study trip of the Kyiv Dialogue to Germany"

We are waiting for your applications!

good luck,

Kyiv Dialogue team