Memorandums of cooperation were signed with 4 other cities of Transcarpathia

As part of the implementation of the project "Creation of a network of youth hubs in Transcarpathia", the NGO "Youth Space" signed memorandums of cooperation with the local authorities of the target cities - Perechyn, Tyachevo, Vynogradov and Irshavy.

With the joint efforts of the parties that signed the Memorandums, they will carry out activities aimed at attracting communities, activating the youth of Transcarpathia and building a youth network in the region, expanding the opportunities of young people in order to develop in them a sense of responsibility for the development of their communities, will make all possible efforts for the further development of cooperation and ensuring the involvement of a wide range of participants at local levels.

Support on the ground is extremely important, because it will ensure the sustainable development of the hub even after the completion of the project. In addition, it is the city halls that provide premises for youth spaces on a free basis.

The first to sign the memorandum was Perechyn City Mayor Ivan Pohorilyak, who also expressed his support for the youth leaders. Currently, a vote is expected in the city council on the transfer of a part of the Komunalnik KP premises to the use of the hub.

On January 22, memorandums were signed in Vynohradov, Tyachev and Irshav.

In Vynohradov, a four-way memorandum on cooperation was signed by the NGO "Youth Space" with Vynohradiv City Mayor Stepan Bochkay, Vynohradiv Regional State Administration Head Vasyl Kish, and Vynohradiv Central District Library Director Katalina Vashkeba. The hub will be located in the premises of the library.

A Memorandum of Cooperation was also successfully signed with the Tyachiv City Council. They are also happy to support youth initiatives here and are sure that the hub will become a place to implement the ideas of the recently created youth council. A suitable place for the creative ideas of youth was chosen - one of the premises of the Tyachiv School of Music.

Irshava Mayor Stepan Bobyk also supported the initiative of the Irshava Youth Council to create a hub. By the way, the youth corner will be in the premises of the city council. The most active part of it is the Irsha team of youth leaders for this project.

Thus, having secured the support of local authorities, youth leaders from Perechyn, Tyachev, Vynogradov and Irshava are enthusiastically ready to work on the implementation of their projects.

The project "Creating a network of youth hubs in Transcarpathia" is implemented with the support of the United States Agency for International Development

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