"Project Management" training for teams from 4 OTG Transcarpathia took place in Tyachev

Large-scale networking of youth leaders of the project "Creation of a network of youth hubs in Transcarpathia 2.0." took place in Tyachiv on the basis of the "BULB" youth space.

We will remind that the event took place in compliance with sanitary and epidemiological requirements for the prevention of Covid-19.

For three days, Demyan Petryk from the NGO "Youth Platform" taught our participants the basics of project management. All stages have been completed - from creating a name to the specifics of writing project budget articles.

This year, hub teams have the opportunity to implement their mini-project in collaboration with participants of last year's project. This will give them the opportunity to get to know their localities better and meet more people there. In this way, we formed 4 duets that will implement common ideas.

The "Perechyn-Onokivtsi" team is preparing to launch the women's club "Happy Women - Successful Communities" in order to diversify the leisure time of young mothers.

The creative team of "Tyachiv-Vilkhivtsi" will develop the creative potential of young people at the musical apartment.

In Batyov and Vynohradov, a festival will be prepared for young people with various workshops, where everyone will be able to find an activity to their liking!

And the youth of Solotvyn and Irshava will visit each other. Using their own example, they will develop communication between young people and local tourism.

For many participants, this is the first experience of filling out an application and, in general, of working with projects. Therefore, we are sure that the first successful experience of implementing your idea will be a powerful incentive to work in this direction in the future.

Project "Creation of a network of youth hubs in Transcarpathia 2.0." implemented by the NGO "Youth Space" with the support of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID)

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