"As long as I have the opportunity, strength and knowledge, I should use the opportunity and help"

A picturesque, historically shrouded in secrets, the city could hardly ever be ready to shelter "tourists". In quotation marks, because it would be better if this did not happen. Chernivtsi is another city for receiving IDPs.

Maria Kovalska, deputy director of the Chernivtsi Youth Center "Residence of Youth", notes: "Reformatting took place on the first day of the full-scale invasion. Since then, we have been working as a volunteer, humanitarian headquarters. This is a great opportunity to direct your activity in another direction, with another group of people. We must involve all categories of youth in all spheres of active social life."

Areas of our work with the integration of IDPs:

  • Mental and psychological relief and help. Trainings, lectures-seminars - it is not important, the main thing is that people will gather and be able to take care of their inner self;
  • Improvement of soft skills that will help prepare for admission, job search. How to write a resume, how to "sell yourself" as a specialist. Everyone is looking for an opportunity to work. Although we already have specialists who help with the job search. We still want to help;
  • Leisure. Today I heard a good expression "Meaningful leisure". To get to know the locals;
  • Conversation clubs, historical gatherings. We tell more about Chernivtsi, because people do not know where they are. Maybe there will be a movie club, there are already board games, dances, art therapy.

My motivation... My circle of friends, some of them are internally displaced persons since 2014 - the first year of the war. I am very empathetic, I begin to "put myself in those shoes" and try to understand what a person feels. As long as I have the opportunity, strength and knowledge, I should take the opportunity and help.

You can join us thanks to social networks, where there are pages of our Youth Center. We have access to administrative distribution channels, that is, those that cover any part of the city. All shelters, TsNAP.


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