Innovative approaches to learning

On January 3rd-4th 2022 project presentation and the Brainіtorm on “Innovative and non-traditional approaches of learning” with young Roma leaders took place at a new Learning Lab.

Roma representatives were happy to be able participate actively at the announced Leaning Lab after a long time of waiting. Participants discussed modern approaches of learning at the brainstorm. Most of all, they were interested in non- formal ways of active and  interactive education. Topics that concerned them were connected dominantly to new skills that will be useful for their future professional development.

Young Roma leaders shared the difficulties that their colleges face with choosing the futureprofession. Many people would like to become entrepreneurs and, thus, be the ‘owners’ of their life. Hence, they are interested in learning skills specifically of photo and video making, project management, business modeling, design, and beauty industry.

Based on their feedback, the team of NGO “Youth Space” from Uzhorod, Ukraine will develop thematic content for the Learning Lab aimed to enhance digital, information and functional literacy of Roma people and establishment of broad alliances in their implementation.

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